Reverend Guitars

We are proud to announce that a new shipment of Reverend guitars arrived at the store today! When you play a Reverend guitar you immediately feel the time and care put into making this instrument. The tone and quality is a step above many of the leading guitar brands that are out there today. If you live near our store then feel free to come by and try one out, and if you don’t live near us then find your nearest dealer and strum a chord or two on a Reverend guitar. If you aren’t familiar with Reverend, here is a little bit of history about the company. Reverend Guitars is one of the most respected US guitar companies around today. Reverend was created in 1997 by Joe Naylor who worked out of a small garage behind a bicycle shop in East Detroit. Joe teamed up with Ken Haas, a professional sales rep and guitar fanatic, to expand the business to what it is today. Reverend is also known for it’s attention to detail and making sure the guitar is properly setup and gig ready out of the box. You won’t need to worry about setting up your instrument because these guitars come perfectly setup on delivery. We owe thanks for this to Zack Green, and if you look at the back of the headstock you will find his initials hand written to show that the instrument is setup and ready to go. If you’ve played a reverend before or you own one, please let us know your thoughts by clicking the leave a comment link. I invite you to also check out our website www.specialtytraders.com


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