G&L Guitars

How many of you own or have owned at least one Fender guitar in your life? Feel free to comment and tell me about your favorite Fender guitar, what you liked or what you didn’t like, and/or memorable stories about the guitar. I suppose you are wondering why a blog post with the title “G&L Guitars” begins with a topic about Fender guitars. Well G&L is in fact a Fender guitar. For those of you that aren’t familiar with G&L guitars, it stands for “G”eorge Fullerton & “L”eo Fender. George was invited by Leo to join the Fender company back in 1948. He assisted Leo with design innovations that allowed Fender to mass produce their first solid body electric guitar, the Telecaster. After the Tele was created, they put their efforts into designing a bass that was easier to handle than the upright bass used in many bands at that time. What they developed was called the precision bass guitar, the Fender P-Bass. He is also credited with the design of the first teardrop shaped input jack on the top of the worlds best selling guitar, the Stratocaster. After selling the Fender company, George and Leo teamed up for the original Music Man company as well, but when things weren’t working out with Music Man they broke off and formed the G&L guitar company to continue creating immaculate quality instruments that outshine their competitors. As with any artist or designer, there is always room for improvement on your first artwork and designs. This rule also applied to Leo as he continued to improve on his early designs of the Telecaster and Stratocaster. Leo passed away in 1991, but his designs are carried on by his people at G&L. Leo’s wife along with her choice to be the new owner John McLaren of BBE Sound help oversee the company and make sure it operates the way Leo would have wanted it to. Many other designs for new guitars were found in Leo’s workshop after his death so G&L turned those plans a reality, fulfilling Leo’s unfinished work, and can be found on G&L’s product line for purchase today. The G&L ASAT (featured above) is Leo Fender’s design improvements on his early telecaster design. The G&L Legacy (also featured above) is Leo Fender’s design improvements on his early stratocaster design. Here at Specialty Traders we have the same philosophy as Leo did. We want all of the instruments that are shipped out of our store to be taken care of. We check the instruments ourselves before shipping and also make sure to add extra packing to ensure a safe delivery to your location.We are a proud and authorized dealer of G&L and carry a large variety of G&L instruments from the ASAT and Legacy, to Leo’s other projects that he wasn’t able to see get produced. I challenge you to find your local G&L dealer, if that is us then we look forward to seeing you, and stop by their store to give one of these amazing instruments a test run. I guarantee you will want to add a new G&L guitar or bass to your Fender collection. Feel free to leave a comment and let me and others know what you thought about the instrument. Visit us online at or stop by our store. Thanks for spending time with us on our blog, and please check back often for new posts. Tell us what you would like to read and you may see your topic here. (///{===#


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